Why You Need to Grow Shrubs In Your Garden

Animals and birds find shelter and food in shrubs. This makes shrubs an important part of the environment. Creative landscape designs are made of shrubs. They are mostly of medium height and blend in well between trees; grass lawns and herbaceous plants. They are ideal for the garden because of their fullness especially in winter.

A landscape look incredible when it has varying heights. This gives an intermediate height to tall and short trees. There are different sizes of shrubs. Some are tall and narrow while others are wide and short. It is wise to select them when they are mature in size. This will provide space for growth. If you love the sight of birds in your garden, shrubs have berries that provide shelter and food to them. They also have flowers that have nectar which attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. Learn more onĀ  Bakersfield hedges.

Additionally, during summer and spring, shrubs usually look more colorful and have a good smell, also they produce berries much later in the season. This adds a beautiful color to the brown landscape. The woody part of shrubs is what is exposed once the leaves have fallen. There are certain shrubs such as dogwoods which have colorful stems of purple, yellow and red. You can keep the pruned branches to be used in making floral arrangements.

Shrubs don't take long to grow and do not require a lot of maintenance.
Shrubs are mostly planted during fall. This is because the soil is warm making it easy for the roots to remain firm.
Also, roots of shrubs grow much deeper and faster compared to turf grass. You will use less water. You can decide to buy certain shrubs like the oak leaf hydrangea that are colorful throughout the year.

Shrubs are used to design paths, seclusion and boundaries. This means you don't necessarily have to have a fence or a wall. Shrubs are a source of shade for pools and bird baths in hot seasons. There are rot resistant varieties which enhance the quality of soil in places where the drainage is poor. Consumption of energy can be reduced by well placed shrubs in summer months. Placing them on the west and south sides will keep your house warmer during winter and provide shade during of winter. VisitĀ  http://elitegardenandlandscape.com/#!home for more.

Shrubs release oxygen and get rid of dust ad air pollutants. They reduce soil erosion and water pollution. Hospital patients recover faster when they have a green landscape. Take your time to investigate in order to know which shrubs best suit your garden. You can read different website to get to learn about the different varieties that are available. Proper care and maintenance is required to ensure your garden looks amazing.